Winter in Tucson, Waiting out COVID-19

If you’re from the Northern parts of the US ( you know, that parts that have winter) the first thing you need to know is that Tucson weather is as good as it is rumored to be. For the most part, every winter day is sunny and the temperatures are from 60 to the upperContinue reading “Winter in Tucson, Waiting out COVID-19”

St. Augustine, Brunswick, Savannah and Charleston

Yes they each deserve their own post, but there’s a theme here. After the manatee at Crystal River we moved over to be close to St. Augustine so we could begin to explore the historic cities of the Southeast coast. And first on our list was the oldest in the US, St. Augustine, founded byContinue reading “St. Augustine, Brunswick, Savannah and Charleston”

Grande Teton before the early snow

Time for a change of scenery, so we hitched up, and finally waved goodbye to Henrys Lake State Park. It was a lovely place to stay.. We’ll be back to Yellowstone National Park, and we won’t wait 30 years this time.  On to Grande Teton National Park.   These two are twin sisters and aContinue reading “Grande Teton before the early snow”

Just a little side trip…to Aruba

After a fun post 4th of July cruise over to Sydney, BC and Butchart Gardens on the back side of the Sannich Peninsula, we parked Endless Song in Anacortes, drove to Seattle to pick up our son Christian, and headed to SeaTac Airpot. The time had come to see the Caribbean…specifically, to see One HappyContinue reading “Just a little side trip…to Aruba”