Yellowstone, In the Fall

It’s hard for us to believe, but it’s been 30 years since Karin and I went to Yellowstone National Park. After Tim Valadao’s wedding in Idaho, we headed East from Corral Creek Ranch in the Camas Prairie toward the world’s first National Park. Being a little late to plan the trip, we knew we’d notContinue reading “Yellowstone, In the Fall”

What, the RV trip is over? Well, for now.

Gee, has it been a month since that last post? Yes it has. Wow, time does fly. So lets play catch up After Sante Fe, we dropped down into Texas. We went through west Texas pretty fast, stopping only at a winery for the night (see previous post about Harvest Hosts). We saw wild turkeysContinue reading “What, the RV trip is over? Well, for now.”

Get Your Kicks On Route 66…..

So, Santa Fe. Sure, you’ve got your sun baked adobe downtown teeming with upscale stores and locals selling silver and turquoise off blankets around the historic central square. You’ve got Georgia O’Keefe’s Museum, and several others all in a tight walkable area. There are restaurants galore (go to Café Pasquale and order the Carne Asada).Continue reading “Get Your Kicks On Route 66…..”

Hey, It’s Not All Camping at a Winery Sipping Merlot. Mostly…but not All.

In all the research we’ve done about rolling across the country with a travel trailer everyone always says, “Look, it’s an earthquake in there as you roll down bumpy roads, and things are going to break.” So, early report, we’ve had two minor issues with Dewey (our 30 foot Arctic Fox travel trailer). First, andContinue reading “Hey, It’s Not All Camping at a Winery Sipping Merlot. Mostly…but not All.”

Now we’ve really done it.

Well, there’s no going back now. We’ve hitched up Brunhilde to Dewey and are now “officially” on the road. Those first few days after picking the trailer up where really just the “getting to know you” days where we loaded….and rearranged all the stuff for the trailer. Turns out, there’s a lot of stuff. And,Continue reading “Now we’ve really done it.”

Endless Song, Due…aka, Dewey

Well, it’s been an eventful winter. First up, we sold Terrace House. It went on the market on Thursday February 28th, and a lovely young couple made a no inspection, no contingencies, all cash offer way over the asking price that evening. Friday morning, March 1, we said, “Yes please.” Then it was the rushContinue reading “Endless Song, Due…aka, Dewey”