Pandemic Summer Drags on

Sigh. 2020 blows, and not in a way sailors like. After knocking out a few boat projects, we started to get itchy to get off the dock and spend some of the waning summer in the San Juan Islands. We hadn’t been to Fishermen’s Bay on the West side of Lopez in a while, soContinue reading “Pandemic Summer Drags on”

Sheltering on the Boat in Puget Sound

As the pandemic rolled on into late spring, the urge to get off the dock started building. Educator John Shedd said it best, “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” The week after Memorial Day some parts of the state with low virus numbers started toContinue reading “Sheltering on the Boat in Puget Sound”

November on the Boat…but now off again

After all the fall camping around the West, it almost felt odd to be back on the boat.  It was important to come home though so Karin could deal with her sore hip. More chiropractic and plans for finding help out on the road if she needs it. It was also a month of spendingContinue reading “November on the Boat…but now off again”

Sailing Puget Sound for Labor Day Weekend

We spent much of August on the dock in Anacortes doing a few boat maintenance projects. That included a trip to Bellingham for bottom paint and a little fiberglass work to fix one of my navigational mistakes.  But one Monday, our friend Shirley said, “Hey, lets all meet at Scotts for dinner.”  Sure, it’s aContinue reading “Sailing Puget Sound for Labor Day Weekend”

Cruising in British Columbia in the Spring

Last summer as we returned from Alaska in August we found the fabled cruising grounds of Canada’s Desolation Sound a bit, how to put it, overcrowded. Here we were pulling into legendary Prideaux Haven Marine Park only to find a traffic jam.  We were lucky to find one of the last stern tie rings offContinue reading “Cruising in British Columbia in the Spring”

Wallace Island : Back in range of your friends

One of the great things about getting South of Desolation Sound and back into the Canadian Gulf Islands is that you are now back in the near summer cruising grounds for boaters from Seattle and elsewhere in Western Washington. In other words, you may run into your friends. David and Lang are the nice folksContinue reading “Wallace Island : Back in range of your friends”

Selling a boat in the middle of nowhere

So, what do you do when someone wants to buy your boat and you are a million miles away? Ok, not a million really… but in the wilderness of Northern BC. In the immortal words of Douglas Adams: Don’t Panic. We’re not talking about our current home; Endless Song, but about Marie; our 1981 HinterloellerContinue reading “Selling a boat in the middle of nowhere”