Hey, It’s Not All Camping at a Winery Sipping Merlot. Mostly…but not All.

In all the research we’ve done about rolling across the country with a travel trailer everyone always says, “Look, it’s an earthquake in there as you roll down bumpy roads, and things are going to break.” So, early report, we’ve had two minor issues with Dewey (our 30 foot Arctic Fox travel trailer). First, andContinue reading “Hey, It’s Not All Camping at a Winery Sipping Merlot. Mostly…but not All.”

Keku Strait to Baranof Island.

Heading northwest out of Keku Strait we see this beautiful view of the east side of Baranof Island, about 40 miles away. We spent a good portion of the day motoring toward the island through Frederick Sound and then Chatham Strait.  We had a fairly nice day…it didn’t rain and was mild. Our first destinationContinue reading “Keku Strait to Baranof Island.”

Kake to Lord’s Pocket, Keku Islands

One on the things that Dan and I like about boating is finding that snug and cozy anchorage that you can hang out in and explore for a couple days.  We found our first great anchorage near Kake in the Keku Islands. We were heading west from Petersburg and needed to fill up with dieselContinue reading “Kake to Lord’s Pocket, Keku Islands”

Frederick Sound and Dall Porpoises

We left Petersburg early to start our trip towards Sitka.  Once you leave the Petersburg harbor heading north, you leave the Wrangell Narrows and enter Frederick Sound.  That morning the water was glassy so you could see the water well and the mountains were all out.  Very pretty if a little grey. It was aContinue reading “Frederick Sound and Dall Porpoises”

Pita Bread….but on a boat!

Fact 1: My husband and I are traveling to Alaska and back over 4-5 months. We have been blessed with retirement and are taking a trip of a lifetime (I hope the first of many). We also live-aboard our Passport 40 sailboat now for that last 1.5 years. It changes your perspective. Fact 2: IContinue reading “Pita Bread….but on a boat!”