A little jaunt to the South….end of Bainbridge Island

  OK, Karin was out of town last week and that means there’s nothing to keep me at the dock.  So I decided to head the Marie south for a few days of gunkholing around Bainbridge Island.  As is required when I go sailing….the wind was coming from the direction I wanted to go.  SoContinue reading “A little jaunt to the South….end of Bainbridge Island”

Done with School…back to work

Well, who would expect it. My schooling in Marine Carpentry as ended early. I was supposed to finish in December, but one of the instructors got a call from Dunbar Marine in Seattle. They were looking for one more person to add to their "wood-only" boat shop on the Ship Canal.  The lead boat instructorContinue reading “Done with School…back to work”