Spring is Arriving

We’re into the last month in Tucson this winter, so Karin and I are starting to focus on getting to see some attractions that we’ve not yet hit as we wait out the month of March. One thing we wanted to try for the first time is “Spring Training.” The Seattle Mariner train up inContinue reading “Spring is Arriving”

Winter in Tucson, Waiting out COVID-19

If you’re from the Northern parts of the US ( you know, that parts that have winter) the first thing you need to know is that Tucson weather is as good as it is rumored to be. For the most part, every winter day is sunny and the temperatures are from 60 to the upperContinue reading “Winter in Tucson, Waiting out COVID-19”

A fall full of Covid and wanting the Election to be over

OK, so we can’t go to Idaho for a quick visit just yet. All those kids in Fairfield came down with Covid. I suppose it’s what you get when you open schools and send the kids out of district to play football.  Just about the whole team got sick, including our nephew Braydon. Thankfully, itContinue reading “A fall full of Covid and wanting the Election to be over”

Pandemic Summer Drags on

Sigh. 2020 blows, and not in a way sailors like. After knocking out a few boat projects, we started to get itchy to get off the dock and spend some of the waning summer in the San Juan Islands. We hadn’t been to Fishermen’s Bay on the West side of Lopez in a while, soContinue reading “Pandemic Summer Drags on”

Sheltering on the Road for a bit

We love being on the boat in the Pacific Northwest in the Summer. It’s magical. But there are other places that are magic too, and we really miss our family during this pandemic. So everyone has to weigh the risks, and decide what it reasonably safe. In late July we decided it was time toContinue reading “Sheltering on the Road for a bit”

Sheltering on the Boat in Puget Sound

As the pandemic rolled on into late spring, the urge to get off the dock started building. Educator John Shedd said it best, “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” The week after Memorial Day some parts of the state with low virus numbers started toContinue reading “Sheltering on the Boat in Puget Sound”

St. Augustine, Brunswick, Savannah and Charleston

Yes they each deserve their own post, but there’s a theme here. After the manatee at Crystal River we moved over to be close to St. Augustine so we could begin to explore the historic cities of the Southeast coast. And first on our list was the oldest in the US, St. Augustine, founded byContinue reading “St. Augustine, Brunswick, Savannah and Charleston”