Back on the Boat

Sure. Arizona was a lovely way to spend winter but getting back onto the boat reminds you of all the beauty and nature at home in the Pacific Northwest. Coming home also means hugs and kisses with Mom, BD, Kim and Christian. You really can’t beat that.

Coming home also means catching up on boat chores.

The payoff there, of course, is nights out on the hook or on a state marine park buoy. It quickly reminds you that the Sonoran Desert is a lovely place to visit….but it’s kinda dry and hot. Whereas the NW is cool, moist and gentle.

May also brings more vaccination, and more opportunity to interact with loved ones you’ve hardly seen in 15 months. Lara, Keith and Theo chief among them around here. At his birthday celebration Theo and I made a rabbit trap for his garden. Uncle Dan knows how to start worming his way into a child’s brain. Of course, Aunt Karin’s no slouch at that either. She knows just the right book at just the right age.

All in all, it was a successful return to the boat. Dan and Karin are happy to be back. The project list isn’t too long…and more adventures are ahead.


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