A fall full of Covid and wanting the Election to be over

OK, so we can’t go to Idaho for a quick visit just yet. All those kids in Fairfield came down with Covid. I suppose it’s what you get when you open schools and send the kids out of district to play football.  Just about the whole team got sick, including our nephew Braydon. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad.

But you don’t want to waste a sunny September in the Northwest, so Karin and I decided to hop over the Cascades to check out some of the lovely state campgrounds North of Wenatchee. 

We got to stay for 3 days on the bank of the Columbia River at Lincoln Rock State Park, and then we went up the road toward the North Cascades a bit and tried out Alta Lake State Park.

Alta Lake State Park

Both were lovely refuges, both form The Rona, but also from 40 knot winds and rain that were blasting Anacortes.  Yeah, nope…don’t need to go home just yet when the view out the back window looks this nice.

After the two week wait, the kids in Fairfield recovered and we though, “Well, it’s still warm there so we can be outside.”  What’s more, since the virus is still out there it’s not likely we’ll go to the farm this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas when everyone has to stay inside…mostly.  So if we don’t go now, we won’t see any of them until next year. Rather than take the big rig, we just blasted down in the truck.  But, again, we’re old and don’t like doing it in one day any more.   So we overnighted in Pendleton again, both ways, so we could relax and checkout the very cool new distillery restaurant in town.  The Oregon Grain Growers Distillery is worth the stop.

Then it was on to Idaho and Corral Creek Ranch. It’s fall on the Camas Prairie, but they’re still working to get all the machinery ready for winter. We were just glad for a few days to unwind and chat with Rebecca and Jeff about plans to remodel their place, build Jacob a shop, and start work on Joshua’s new house on his land out on the 400 West. Peaceful on the farm.

Snow on Soldier Mountain

The real reason to go to Idaho was the chance to watch a few soccer matches where our nieces Brianna and Ivy were playing, and a football game where nephew Levi has become a stud fullback.  Too fun. Outdoors for safety. And as the saying about getting the kids to love and remember you goes, “Must be present to win.”

Then it was back home to the boat, for bicycling and preparing to head south for the winter.  The boat’s pretty much ready to go, but we need to get to the doctors for checkups, get shots, etc.  

Christian is in Hawaii this fall, and will be there through at least January, installing new exhibits at the Submarine Museum at Pearl Harbor. 

Kim is there with him, looking to get her esthetician credentials transferred from Washington state to Hawaii so she can perform cosmetic skin treatments, facials, superficial chemical peels, body treatments, and such professionally.  Do they come back?  Who knows. It’s 2020.  At least they have time together.

By mid-October, we like many in Washington state were just looking for our ballots to arrive in the mail so we could vote, and get this nightmare of an election over with.  On the 19th of October, the day they arrived, we filled them out, and drove to the county’s drop box by the Stanwood Library. Done. 

A few days later the online system showed the County Auditor had them, and they were “Accepted”.  It really baffles me that this is an issue in other states, and that people have to wait in hours long lines to vote.  Since I’ve voted, I can now tune out news. Doesn’t matter.

We’re still meeting weekly with the fencing team for virtual drinks on Zoom, and even had our traditional Halloween costume party….on line.

But basically, with the pandemic rolling on, we’re filling our days hiking on the beaches, bicycling around Fidalgo Island and hiking the bluffs along Puget Sound when the wind is so fierce they have to cancel your ferry to Port Townsend.

We are starting to really look forward to doing pretty much the same social distancing things….just in a warmer place in Southern Arizona.

We are also, like most folks, longing for the days we can just go see our friends and family any time we want.  Mary Betts, one of the Scout parents, hosted an Octoberfest dinner for us, the Runkels and Kleinschmidt’s…and for one brief moment, we all took off our masks, held our breaths, and snapped one selfie that looks the way it’s supposed to.  Then we all went back to our “socially distanced” seats and put our masks back on.  Can’t wait until this is over.

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