Harvest Hosting to Florida

As I’ve said before, when you’re doing a series of one night stops on the road to somewhere, the best stays we’ve had have been at Harvest Host locations. Harvest Host is an RV membership made up of wineries, breweries, farms, museums, golf courses, and other similar places where you can stay the night for free. Sure you might by wine, beer, soap or honey…but that’s not a bad thing. They are way better than pulling into some RV Park next to a freeway or camping in a Walmart Parking lot.

After Austin we had a quick run over North of Houston to Fortress Brewing, where we had a pint and watched the Seahawks last playoff game. Sigh.

Go Hawks

The next night we stopped again at Bayou Teche Brewing in South Central Louisiana. They aren’t normally open on Mondays, but the guy in the office said, “Nah, we always open up for you Harvest Host Folks, any day.” Nice. We got to chat with the founder Karlos Knott about how microbrews are growing in Louisiana.

Our last stop before Florida was at Gulf Coast Gator Ranch just east of Pascagoula, Mississippi. Now I had spotted this on our route, and told Karin, “Yep, we’re spending the night on a gator farm.” She was willing, but a bit nervous.

It was great. Marty and Sam our swamp boat driver were good ole boys, but were so nice and welcoming and explained how the ranch was working to raise Gator to continue re-population after a hurricane all but wiped out the gators in the area.

We got to see the gators in pens they were raising, but also went out in a swamp boat to look at a few basking in the sun out in the wild. I’d never been on one of these boats before, so even that was fun for me.

Karin, she’s still not to keen on gators. You really can see it in her eyes as she was petting the baby one. Ewww!

Karin, still not liking the gators

Next up, Florida.

1 thought on “Harvest Hosting to Florida

  1. That is cool!! Would love to ride on one of those boats. Gators would make me a bit nervous too, but very interesting to see them in the flesh, as it were. πŸ˜ŽπŸŠπŸ˜„

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