Tucson and Saguaro National Park

Driving down to Tucson was pretty easy and weather was good. The only real issue was trying to avoid all the traffic in Phoenix.  But once through that, it was quick down to Tucson.

So we were a little worried as Phoenix was hot, kinda flat, very busy, and not very interesting to look at.  But Tucson was none of that.  The desert floor had green foliage (yes it’s cactus but so many kinds) and the mountains closed in on the valley, making everything seem closer; more intimate.

You have to love a city bracketed by National Parks.  In this case, the Saguaro  National Park.  It’s in two parts….one East of town and one West.  We took time to go for a walk in the Eastern most park.  It was lovely.

Then of course we went to find a beer.

We talked to the brewer, and she said there were 23 breweries in town, and we visited a few while there.  Oh, we need to come back.  We need to be here for a month, maybe more, and hike the other half of Saguaro National Park…and, of course, find more of the breweries.

Bicycling is also a thing in Tucson.  Bike paths all over the place.  We, unfortunately, did not bring our road bikes just our town bikes.  Something to consider for the next trip…but can we get away with bringing 2 bikes each?  It seems like overkill. Only not.

So in Tucson we said in a place called Voyager RV Resort.

This was our first real encounter with the world of snowbirds, the older folk who leave the cold North in the Winter and camp for months in Arizona…and as we’ll learn later Florida. Calling it camping is a little silly actually. This is a resort where you park your rig, hook up to every and all service available, and then wait out the winter.

This resort is amazing. It has three pools, sauna, spa, massage service, and a small hotel if you have visitors and you don’t want them in your rig. It has tennis, golf, pickle ball, shuffleboard, boccie, basketball courts and horse shoes. It also has the most amazing collections of hobby rooms I’ve ever seen. Woodshop, better than pro. Photo studio, got that. Computer room, and services on site. Pottery, three kilns. Sewing, bring your machine or use theirs. Think I’m done? Not by half. They have silversmiths, jewelry making, lapidary, stained glass making, oil painting, watercolors, quilting, knitting, crochet, and if your fingers are sore, machine embroidery. Amazing.

The place has it’s own store and it’s own Bar and Grill. But, we’re all older now. The busy time is five pm, and when we went there was already a crowd in the bar doing karaoke….and I mean really getting fired up.

But this being older folk…by nine PM…it’s a ghost town. Ah, cruisers midnight.

Now the truth is, this is not really our kind of place. It’s a little sterile. And we felt like we were younger than this crowd by at least years. We like being in the woods, or the desert. That said, I can see the allure of a place that caters to your needs as you age, and where you can meet all kinds of other folks going through the same things you are. I get it. We’re just not there…yet.


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