On the road again….just can’t wait to get on the road again….

OK, November in Anacortes was nice. We got to catch up with family and friends and repack the bearings on the trailer. But after Thanksgiving weekend we were off again on our grand winter adventure to Key West.

So when you start from Anacortes…on December first…with the goal being in Key West, you really have to think about the route.  Go too direct and you could run into some really nasty winter weather.  We decided to go conservative.  First up; South and fast as possible. That means I-5 down to Oregon.  We did it in one day, all the way South of Suzy and Tom’s place in Yoncolla. The next day was clear at the Siskyou Summit, so we gunned it all the way down past Shasta to Red Bluff in the Central Valley.  Nice, we’re past the snow.  Next day we did the entire Central Valley to Santa Clarita and the next day we skipped North to the Mojave allowing us to miss LA as we dropped into Palm Springs.  Our first visit.

So Palm Springs.  OK, I get why folks come here.  It’s warm in December, and there are tons of citrus trees in backyards loaded with fruit…that’s ready to be plucked.  Dan Heck, our financial guru, and his wife have a house down here in a gated community (and they are all gated) and he called the gate and told them to let us in.  He wanted us to go pick his grapefruit.  They were awesome.  We felt greedy filling up on them, but after we had a  few, we decided we should have gotten more.

Mountains are nice in Palm Springs, but you drive…a lot.

We did some driving around Palm Springs…which is your only choice.  Well, bicycling would be possible….but only as exercise.  Lots of guys in race suits and on aero bikes.   It is definitely a place that caters to older, more seasoned, people.  Lots of medical clinics that cater to the ills of the elderly.

After Palm Springs, our plan was to head to Tucson, Arizona to poke around there for a few days, and then store the trailer there while we jet north to Idaho for Christmas.  More on that in a bit.

You could gun it all the way from Palm to Tucson in one day, but that would suck. We’re old people.   And hey, Joshua Tree National Park is on the way.   So when we left, we only went about 40 miles to the National Park and camped in a lovely spot.    It allowed us the chance to get into the park and look around.  Beautiful.   We’ll be back.

Then it was time to head East.  Tucson here we come.

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