Joshua Tree National Park…watch for jumping Cholla

Just East of Palm Springs is Joshua Tree National Park.

Everyone says they love Joshua Tree National Park and for good reason.  What a wonderful area.  We were able to spend a night in Cottonwood Campground with only a few other campers in the entire campground. 

This part of Joshua Tree has quite diverse flora and fauna.  The flora we were impresses with.  Unfortunately the fauna viewing was limited to a desert rabbit and a few birds.  We clearly need to work a bit harder on this.   

We took a short hike from Lost Palms Oasis.  This is an easy hike with lots of interesting views and cool plants.  We had to keep it short due to my bum hip but hope to return and have a longer walk in the wilderness. 

Rock formations in Joshua Tree

We were able to drive up from the southeast entrance (Cottonwood Visitor Center) almost to the northwest entrance (Joshua Tree Visitor Center).  The Rock formations were interesting (very round) and we would like to try camping nearby next time we visit. 

The micro-climates allows for lots of similar plants to congregate in certain areas.  For example, the Joshua Trees are only in the northwest section of the park, not the entire park. 

There’s also a cactus garden that has a natural concentration of the Cholla cactus.  You can find them all over but here they’ve taken over a small area.  The conditions must be just perfect for them to thrive at this density at this spot.

This is certainly a place to visit if you ever get a chance.  We’ll go back.

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