Christmas in Idaho

One reason we went to Tucson was it was the perfect place to stash the trailer while we drove up to Idaho to spend a few weeks for Christmas with family at Fairfield and Corral Creek Ranch. Weather is so nice all we had to do was clean it, park it, and leave the refrigerator door ajar. No winterizing needed as we’d be back in just a few weeks.

We broke up the trip staying the night in St. George, Utah. As I’ve said before, we’re old and don’t like fourteen hour days on the road anymore.

We arrived in Fairfield on a Saturday night, just in time for the American Legion’s Christmas party, with none other than Joe Henry Valadeo tending bar down in the dungeon.

Karin pours her own drink, so she can drink it. They have a heavy hand on the bottle down in the Dungeon.

Time in Fairfield is always filled with fun, family, and food. And this time, since we arrived early, we also got volunteered at the local Senior Center to help with lunch, and got to go to our nieces and nephews high school basketball games.

Christian flew in from Seattle in time for the big party celebrating Josh’s Birthday and Karin and my fortieth wedding anniversary. Really, forty years? Yep. And we decided to glam it up for the evening. Champagne went to our heads I guess. Still, it made for another fantastic Christmas in Idaho.

Quiet Christmas Morning at Corral Creek Ranch
Snowing in Fairfield

After Christmas it was time to jet back down to Tucson to get the trailer moving toward Key West again, stopping for a night in St. George, Utah….where they had a lovely light show.

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