Bryce is Great, Unless you have Acrophobia.

First, lets just cover the basics. Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah is stunning to see.  Everyone should go.

But if you go, know this; there are lots and lots of viewpoints out over the canyon where the only thing between you and the abyss is a National Park Service railing.  Now these rails are made with huge sandstone pillars and three 9 inch diameter log rails. They are pretty solid stuff.  But if you have acrophobia, your eyes see the rock pillars and rails…but your brain stem knows they are actually made of paper mache’, and you are going to die. 

The cortex is funny that way.

The look on her face says how she feels


It’s interesting what kicks it off.  Karin had no issues at Artist Point overlooking Yellowstone Falls. Why was that no issue, but as we were walking up to Rainbow Point  viewpoint at the end of the road in Bryce Canyon National Park,  she saw the trail, no rail and open valley.  We were still 20 feet from the edge and Bam! that feeling of being swept over an edge came screaming back.

Here’s a nice photo of me looking at the view.  Karin took it from about 12 feet behind me, where she was comfortable.


One the way out of Bryce and back to our trailer you have to do through Red Canyon and we were able to spend some time walking through their viewpoints near the visitors center.  The colors are hard to capture with the bright sun and don’t do it justice like the naked eye.  We had a great day of sunny weather and deep blue skies


Next time…

  • Pick a hike or two that Karin can do (she has a bum hip issue).
  • Camp closer to the park
  • Stay more than a day visit







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