Just a little side trip…to Aruba

After a fun post 4th of July cruise over to Sydney, BC and Butchart Gardens on the back side of the Sannich Peninsula, we parked Endless Song in Anacortes, drove to Seattle to pick up our son Christian, and headed to SeaTac Airpot. The time had come to see the Caribbean…specifically, to see One HappyContinue reading “Just a little side trip…to Aruba”

Sailing Puget Sound for Labor Day Weekend

We spent much of August on the dock in Anacortes doing a few boat maintenance projects. That included a trip to Bellingham for bottom paint and a little fiberglass work to fix one of my navigational mistakes.  But one Monday, our friend Shirley said, “Hey, lets all meet at Scotts for dinner.”  Sure, it’s aContinue reading “Sailing Puget Sound for Labor Day Weekend”