Now we’ve really done it.

Well, there’s no going back now. We’ve hitched up Brunhilde to Dewey and are now “officially” on the road.

Brunehilde and Dewey together at last, oh right…and Dan and Karin too.

Those first few days after picking the trailer up where really just the “getting to know you” days where we loaded….and rearranged all the stuff for the trailer. Turns out, there’s a lot of stuff. And, of course, the cupboards and drawers on a travel trailer are not really normal sized….so normal sized stuff doesn’t quite fit in there. To make our lives easy, we drove it from the dealer to the Swinomish Casino. The tribe has a little RV park out back that’s flat, has wide lanes, and full hookups. It was the perfect place to go play with systems. It’s also near both our boat and our storage in Anacortes.

Of course not everything was smooth. That first night, as it was getting dark, we couldn’t get the hitch to open. We struggled a bit…then said…ah the heck with this. “Let’s go home to the marina; leave this in the parking lot, and come back Wednesday morning to fiddle with it.”

Needless to say, the next day…all rested…we had no issued getting the hitch to open. So we played that day with systems, then on Thursday we moved over into the casino overflow lot. There we got to set up again, and practice dry camping.

Finally on Saturday, we were ready. We hooked up, checked all systems, and headed out for Oregon. Well, with one pit stop back to the dealer in Everett where we bought Dewey. That was prompted by the first part breaking. Karin was locking the back door, and gently pulled her key out. The whole tumbler came with the key. Nice….but not secure. The dealer laughed when I called, and said swing in on Saturday. We did, and a technician ran out and in 5 minutes we had a new door lock.

Then we headed South for a night at my brother’s near Astoria. We leveled up in front of his house and spent a quiet night. Then it was for reals. We headed out for Astoria and highway 101 South. It’s when you pull away from all you knew that you get that nervous feeling in your stomach; and the questions? Will everything hold together? The road seems a little damn bumpy. Where will we stop tonight? What if we pull into that parking lot will we be able to get out?

It’s a million little things.

Lunch stop

But then you see a wide spot along the Oregon coast and realize, “Hey, we could just pull over right here and go in the back and make lunch. So we did.

Sure the road is a little bumpy, but you learn to see it ahead and slow down.

We got to Pacific City near Cape Kiwanda, South of Tillimook, by 3:30 and found Harts Camp. That’s a little RV park right across from the Pelican Brewery that Jim and Shirley told us about. And the two of them are going to arrive today from the South. They’ve been playing snowbird for several months, and are on their way home to Seattle. We figured it would be fun to meet for a day or two as we head out, and as they head back in.

Just a note for family who like to follow our ramblings, yes we mean you mom. We’ve turned back on the Garmin In Reach Explorer device that we were using on the trip to Alaska. That’s the cool little device that tracks where we are, and where we’ve gone and puts it up on a fancy TOPO map so anyone with a link can follow along. It’s easy to find. If you are on there will be a link under the title that says “Where are We?” Click that and you’ll find the page with a link to Garmin’s In Reach Map. That’s where you’ll see us appear, and it should show our general track. It looks like this. (And yes, there’s no track yet. I didn’t turn it on until this morning…so it missed the drive from Anacortes)

So now we’re off to see people and places who aren’t near a seaport. We’ll be rambling to Texas and back over the next month and a half. We’ll return to Anacortes in May, and then transfer our flag back to the boat for more sailing. The Waggoner Cruising Guide has asked us to be correspondents this summer to check out some of the amenities along our sailing route to make sure the guide is still accurate.

1 thought on “Now we’ve really done it.

  1. Yay! Congratulations! So fun. Sorry I’ll miss you this weekend. Venice Florida has bben so good for my soul! Long beach walks, warm balmy air, fun activites, and a close girl friend to jabber with. I’ll look forward to seeing you coach sometime when you return west. Loads of Love, Gail

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