Endless Song, Due…aka, Dewey

Well, it’s been an eventful winter.

First up, we sold Terrace House. It went on the market on Thursday February 28th, and a lovely young couple made a no inspection, no contingencies, all cash offer way over the asking price that evening. Friday morning, March 1, we said, “Yes please.”

Then it was the rush to get all the last bits of our furniture out of the house so the new owners can move it. We signed final paperwork just 10 days later. And just like that, we don’t have a home any more. Just a boat.

Well, that’s not quite accurate. We decided last year that if we were going to sell the house we’d need something that could get us around on land. We have people to see and not all of them live in port cities. That something else, is a brand new 30 Foot Arctic Fox 25Y travel trailer. We looked at all the options, and all the manufacturers, and we think this coach built in LaGrande, Oregon will fit the bill.While we were fighting snow and loading boxes at Terrace House in February, down in Oregon the crew at Arctic Fox (Northwood Manufacturing) was busy building our little home away from the water. A few days after we signed the papers on the house, Dewey arrived.

Endless Song, Due….”Dewey”

We have christened our new trailer Endless Song, Due (Italian for 2)….but will forever know him as Dewey. I had some other, more colorful, ways to say Part Deux, but Karin nixed them all. So Dewey it is. He’ll be pulled by our new RAM 3500 diesel pickup. He’s a BIG boy…and we’re still working on a name for him. It may end up Huey…since we, like the McDucks, are Scottish! “Late breaking news. My brother Dennis…who knows about these things…has informed me that,  “…You silly boy, the truck is a she, and she is the younger sister of Helga. Her name is Brunhilda”   Since he is the guys with the college degree in diesel things, and will help me keep this Cumins purring, I’m not going to challenge this name thing.  Brunhilda its is. You would think she would have told me by now. Playing coy. They do that, right up until they call down lightening bolts on your head.)

So, now that we have trailer, and since its still a little too cool for long sails into the BC interior, we’re going to hit the road for 6 weeks to do a shake down cruise on the RV. We’ll be hitting Oregon, NorCal, then cut across to Texas to see the Wingers in San Antonio and the Darby-Smiths in Austin. I’m trying to convince Karin to make a run all the way to New Orleans….but she’s hesitant.

3 thoughts on “Endless Song, Due…aka, Dewey

  1. And the rig could then be Huey Dewey! Looks lovely and since you’ve already mastered the mini living, you’ll take to it fast! Can’t wait to see you guys!

  2. So great! Nothing can stop you now! You can travel anywhere. Living the dream!

  3. Anne Marie Price March 15, 2019 — 6:46 pm

    I am loving this!! Congrats you two! Hope you make it to chicago or wild rose wisconsin some time!! Loving the names…yearning for a “Louie”…maybe a vespa you carry with Huey and Dewey??? 😜😜😄

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