That was some trip to Alaska!

Sorry there’s been such a long pause in postings. That’s what happens when you “get back to the real world” I guess.

In any case we wanted to take a moment to pause and remember what a great trip we had this summer to Alaska.  We retired and left on May first….and didn’t get back until mid-September.

So, how to summarize.  We’ll…there’s too much.  So we’ve made a few video montages that show going up, playing around in Alaska, and then coming home.  I’m not actually asking you to watch my home movies. 😉   These are really more for us to remember.  But if you want a peak, you are welcome too.   Just click on the red titles and it should open the videos. 

Part One; Getting from here to there


Part Two; Playing around In SE Alaska


Part Three; Mid Summer in Alaska


Part Four; Coming Home


Well, that was some adventure, and we already know we’re going back.  But first we have a few chores to complete.  This fall and winter we’ll be splitting time between the boat (which is home) and the house near Seattle (which while comfy no longer feels like home).  We’re doing the cleanup and projects needed to sell Terrace House, which will happen in the spring.

After that, we’ll be sailing on the waters of the Northwest and when we’re ashore we’ll be venturing far and wide in a land yacht (Basically, we’re buying a trailer and a truck that can pull it).    

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