Warm Springs Bay to Ell Cove, plus whale day!

Our next anchorage is to be Ell Cove just 10 miles north of the Warm Springs Bay.  We are feeling pretty good at this point since we are liking the anchorages Baranof Island has offered so far.  Dan wants to take a look at Kasnyku Falls in Waterfall  Cove.

Our first glimpse of the waterfalls.


Endless Song swings back Waterfall Cove before getting to our anchorage.


We go back on the dinghy from Ell Cove to get a better look.


Our anchorage at Ell Cove. Dan is really happy here with a solid set and lots of swinging room.


We check out the white granite beach at Ell Cove.


And, of course, the whales.  I only got one photo and one video that turned out (we don’t post videos on this site so we’ll send that out later).  We must have seen a dozen whales that day.  One only a couple hundred yards off our starboard side.  It’s a thrill every time we see them.  These photos were taken as we were turning into Ell Cove so pretty close to shore.


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