Keku Strait to Baranof Island.

Heading northwest out of Keku Strait we see this beautiful view of the east side of Baranof Island, about 40 miles away.

baranof island

We spent a good portion of the day motoring toward the island through Frederick Sound and then Chatham Strait.  We had a fairly nice day…it didn’t rain and was mild.

Our first destination was to be Warm Springs Bay.  Upon entering this large and deep bay you see the waterfall long before you get there.  Our intent was to partake in the hot springs next to the water fall while there but anchoring and dock space became an issue…we’ll hit it our our way back.


A full public dock.


The water falls


Our anchorage in the West Arm of the bay.  We hear a lot of woodland birds here with a pretty little creek feeding into the bay.  At low tide you head its waterfall.  This was a bit awkward anchorage so we ended up a combo anchor plus stern tie.  It wasn’t pretty but we didn’t run aground at low tide.


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