Kake to Lord’s Pocket, Keku Islands

One on the things that Dan and I like about boating is finding that snug and cozy anchorage that you can hang out in and explore for a couple days.  We found our first great anchorage near Kake in the Keku Islands.

We were heading west from Petersburg and needed to fill up with diesel so decided to stop in at Kake.  They lost their fuel dock in a storm a year or two ago so you have to call in to make arrangements for have fuel brought down to the public dock to refuel.  This is a 2 hour process because their delivery truck holds two types of fuel and multiple boats waiting requiring different types of fuels.  It does give you time to chat with the other boater waiting with you.

Upon leaving Kake, we picked our way west through lots of small and large rocks and islands, through the kelp bed where the sea otters mothers and babies were hanging out to find this little anchorage for 1-3 boats.  In our guide it’s call Lord’s Pocket and it felt that way.  So beautiful and peaceful.

Lord’s Pocket:

View of shore from boat


View of Frederick Sound from AnchorageIMG_5468

Endless Song at anchor nearing high tide:


Shore exploring at low tide:


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