Frederick Sound and Dall Porpoises

We left Petersburg early to start our trip towards Sitka.  Once you leave the Petersburg harbor heading north, you leave the Wrangell Narrows and enter Frederick Sound.  That morning the water was glassy so you could see the water well and the mountains were all out.  Very pretty if a little grey.


It was a relaxing morning.  No wind or current to deal with so we’re puttering along. A way off we see a whale and some porpoise here and there…nice but nothing spectacular.

Then two porpoise change direction and head straight towards us coming fast.  They raced along our bow for maybe 10 minutes-what a show!  I’m kneeled at the bow with the camera and these beautiful creatures are so close you think you could touch them.  For me this is the highlight of the trip so far.  I’ll try to post the video on FB.  I don’t have good enough coverage to get my pics and video posted.

dall porpoise


After that they day is rather dull but the sun breaks through the clouds and its a beautiful day.  Our anchorage that night is Portage Bay.  This is a large and fairly shallow bay that dries out toward the end.  This is one of the nicest weather days we’ve had so far in Alaska.  There wasn’t much of interest at the bay except a sunny afternoon and wo fishing boats dropping crab pots all around us that evening.  A clear sign that we should have dropped the pot!


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