After 40 days and 40 nights; What worked? What Didn’t?

We have now arrived in Wrangell, AK to re-provision. We figured this is a good time to take a few minutes to assess the good, bad and ugly of the trip so far.


The Food: Has been great. Moderation in all things. One thing about being out in the middle of no place is that there is no temptation to go out to the bar for dinner. There isn’t anywhere to go. So, we have all kinds of supplies….that means it’s a place for cooking creativity. A happy place.

As you know, we like an occasional beer. One worries that you’re going to find nothing but Bud, Coors and Miller lite. Those are here….but BC and Alaska also have some great craft brewers that you can buy at the oddest places. We found Wheelhouse beer in a resort called Shearwater. When we found the brewer in Prince Rupert who said, “Oh yeah. A guy here knew a First Nations member with a fishing boat who was going that way, so we got him to take a few cases to them.” Nice

The Weather: We had some awesome summerlike weather for the first three weeks of the trip. After a deluge in Northern BC, we got the kind of weather we expected all along. Showers and mostly cloudy. Very temperate though.

The View: Southern BC is beautiful no matter where you are. Stunning. The rest so far has been very similar. We’ll wait on Alaska until we’re done to make a decision on that.

The Company: Dan and I continue to laugh our way through the trip. Business as usual.

The Boat: Endless Song has worked like a champ. Many good thoughts about the boat. Oh, also a tip of the boat had to the team at Iverson Design. Jason and the team there make the best marine canvas, dodgers, biminis

The Whales and Dolphins: We’ve seen them only in BC and AK but the further north we get the more frequent sightings we get.

The Adventure: Great experience as boaters and people.


The Weather: Since we hit Ketchikan it’s been dreary. Damn depressing.

The View: We had some places that were boring after days and days of the same glorious mountains, channels, trees, etc etc.

The Humans: Hey, we all make mistakes. The systems need to be fairly exact. Not a lot of leeway. We keep learning and we’ll just stop there.


Yet to happen. Well, maybe when we lost engine power in Hakai Passage. That would count. But we were able to sail out of that one….so, all good.

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1 thought on “After 40 days and 40 nights; What worked? What Didn’t?

  1. David Huntsman July 8, 2018 — 4:26 pm

    Having the perfect NW sailboat outfitted especially for this trip required a year of preparation – good job 🙂

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