Waiting out the rain…making cookies

So sometimes you get sun. Sometimes you get rain.  Leaving Shearwater and Bella Bella, we took off north on a blustery Saturday. The forecast, frankly, wasn’t that great. SE Winds of 20, raising to maybe 30 at some point.  But the thing is, wind at your back, from the SE, is a helpful thing when you are going NE.

So off we went.  Winds weren’t so bad early, but we did start to get rain.  That makes is hard to see. It’s not that sailing or motoring is all that hard….but you need to wipe the window….a lot.  For us this means unzipping the enclosure to access the outside window.  Not easy but you must in order to those logs lurking in the water.


On we went through Reid Passage and Mathieson Channel. It was cold enough…and wet enough…that we finally had our first hot cocoa of the trip!


On a wet windy day out here in the Inside Passage all you need is a hidey hole at the end of the day. With these winds…and more predicted Sunday…you need one protected from the Southeast. For us that place was Rescue Bay. It’s a nice anchorage off Mathieson Channel, with good hold, and protected from the SE.

We arrived at Midday Saturday after an early start and a long day.  That meant we had our choice of where to anchor, so we found a spot we liked and put the hook down.

And then….the rain really arrived.


So as you may have noted from all the early pictures, we have been blessed with some amazing weather. For the first three weeks of May we had sun, and warm weather.

Well, that’s over for now. When we got the hook down in Rescue Bay the scattered showers we had been seeing all day turned into a steady hard downpour. Winds came up as well, and we decided that a day on the hook was perfect.  So all day it has rained…and rained….and rained.  It’s never stopped now for 37 hours. As I sit here Sunday night it’s still going on.  I’ve pulled up the rubber boat twice today to dump the gallons and gallons of water out of it.


That nice lady at Canadian Hydrographic says rain will diminish to scattered showers Monday.  I want to see that before I believe it.

So what do you do on the hook in a deluge.  Stay inside.  I checked out a light in the storage area under the ladder that’s not working.  Damn, needs a new switch. I’ll look in Prince Rupert.

Karin made a rope bowl to put all her gloves, knee pads and hats in.


And I made Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Nothing like the smell of cookies baking in the oven to make it feel homey…and make the rain a bit more bearable.




Monday….more North.   I’m guessing in another week we’ll be in Alaska

4 thoughts on “Waiting out the rain…making cookies

  1. I don’t remember you saying how far north you are going. How far into Alaska are you going? There’s quite a bit of shoreline before you hit the large land mass.
    LOVE the blog AND the Garmon mapping!!

  2. We’ll stay in SE Alaska. Not sure if we’ll get up to Glacier Bay

  3. Great Pictures and Commentary. I remember the rainy weather up there. It rained so much I decided not to shave. Hence the on/off beard since then. Love you two. Bon Voyage!

  4. Cookies are a great idea!

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