2017 is almost done. Well, that was fun…

Did you ever have one of those years that went by in a flash.  Well, 2017 has been that way for the crew of Endless Song.  It’s not what we haven’t been busy…we have. I guess that’s the point.  A lot has happened.

When last we checked in, we had all this new gear for the boat.  Well, April came, all that stuff was installed, and it was time to get out there.

Christian and Amanda Hendricks were kind enought to help us come figure out all the new stuff, and figure out if we could all hack being out on the boat together for several nights.  Short story, we can.


Amanda makes a noise that sounds like “squeee” when she’s on the boat in a super happy moment. There were many on this trip.  It’s no wonder that after this trip the IPNF, International Pirate Name Foundation, formerly known as the WWPNA, Worldwide Pirate Naming Authority) issued her formal papers…in the name of “One Armed Hacksaw McSquee.”     (You can see the paperwork here)

In May, ta-da…Theo arrived. Our niece Lara and her husband Keith Hodo decided three was better than two….and Theodore Hodo was the result.   A few issues off the start keeping him a couple of nights in the NICU, but really…so many others had worse issues to deal with.  Sweet Teddy came home to lots of Mimi love.


So Theo…is a sweetie pie….and every one wants in on the action.  Love the new baby smell.




Back on the boat, Dan and Karin are exploring skilled that will help them when they are off the grid. Things such as bread making, sailmaking, and other crafty thing.  And Karin decided that knitting socks was the way to worm her way into the hearts of the young people she is hoping will thing she’s the coolest Aunt, Grandmama, elegant older woman who has some connection to the family that no one talks about.


We think she’s on to something.

May brought Milly Houghton, Karin’s mom, her 95th birthday.  That’s a big number and you don’t want to let that go by without celebration.   You don’t have to say “Party and Tom and Suzy’s Farm” to this family twice.  We were all on the road to Halo Hills for the festivities.



Summer on Endless Song was really just one long promotion to our friends and kids that, really, you want to stay in Seattle this weekend.  You know they are closing down I-5 for construction again. It’s going to be gridlock.

It worked on…The Darby-Smiths:


Stew, Connie and Thomas Navarre:





Christian, Amanda (they are becoming regulars)….and finally in the fall Zuzu too.




Lara, Keith and Theo also found their way to Anacortes:

This year we also spent a lot of time looking around Anacortes, Skagit County, and the local islands looking for the fun things our new neighborhood had to offer.

We did take time in August to head east….to Walla Walla and Baker City, Oregon so we could be in the right place at the right time to see the total eclipse of the sun.  It was amazing.  We need to go back to Walla Walla with friends for a little wine shopping!


Yes, we found a micro brewery that was open early, and had died all their beers black for the event.   It was amazing…and looked just like this.

what it looked like

The big sailing event of the year was taking a few weeks off, and meeting David and Guyng Huntsman aboard their boat in the San Juan Islands.  They had never been there on their boat, and we wanted to play host in the islands.

So for the first week after labor day, we would meet, then sail apart, then sail together to a new anchorage…or a new dock, marina or resort.  Did we bump a little the first time we rafted up. Sure. Who cares.  The whole experience was great.


The biggest downer this year was that our beloved Minnie, the dog who came to raise Karin’s spirits when they were at their lowest, passed suddenly in October.  She was a dear, would play fetch for ever, and will be waiting for us with a stick one day.


Karin and Minnie
Karin and Minnie in October, 2017


Thanksgiving was in Astoria this year.  Thanks for hosting Dennis and Carol.  Rebecca and Jeff made the run over from Idaho….and that made for a good old family time.  Of course all that wine also helped make it a good old family time.


Really, it wasn’t all drinking and eating.  We did have to escape to the coast for a little walking on the beach.

The Christmas whirl of gatherings with great friends and family has begun in full force, with all of it leading up to “A Very Hodo Christmas” at Lara and Keiths on Christmas Day, and then a run to Idaho to snuggle with our family on the farm, and to play in the snow.


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