Today finally felt like spring…

As anyone in Western Washington knows by now, this has been a nasty wet and cold winter.  We’re known for toughing out the winter here in the Northwest. That’s why all the coffee and microbrew beer.   But this winter has been special.

As if you didn’t know: Seattle area has had a ‘severe’ winter

But I think today, for the first time, I felt what seemed like spring.  It started in the middle of the night when I had to kick off a wool blanket.  Too hot.  When I checked the outside temp….it was 47.  Sure cool, but since we’ve been down into the 30s at night, that’s a pretty balmy temp.

And, again, I don’t want to say winter’s completely over.  When I got up it was raining hard.  It was dodging drops to the car and to work.  But it wasn’t 33 and wet. It was 47 and wet. Massive improvement.  And at work, the sun came out.  Sure only for a short time, but when I poked my head out the door…it felt warm.  We just need a slight pause in the clouds and boom….tulip city in the Skagit flats.

So as we wait for the better weather, we have projects.

Karin has a new nephew coming, and that requires some auntly knitting. Mimi must serve.


Me, I’m not knitting…but there are a few project this winter for the boat.   We’re taking out a lot of old systems, and installing new ones….lots of them.


And those are only the few boxes left.  Working with some very nice local installers this winter we’ve put on a new Cockpit Enclosure, installed a new battery charger, put in a new Radio (did that one myself), new radar, wifi booster, autopilot, new pedestal arch, new electronics boxes, DC plugs at the nav station and cockpits, AIS Transponder. Still to come are new Wind Speed/Direction sensor, and two new through hull depth transducers. Finally we’ll put in a new Chart plotter at the helm.   That blank white face is where it will go.  The wires are all in behind that faceplate. All we’ll need to do is cut the hole, hook up the wires, lock it in place, and fire up the power.


Oh and I almost forgot, we put in a cockpit table and drink holder so you’ll all have a place to set a libation down when we say, “I think we can put her rail in the water. Here, hold my beer…and pull that rope…no the red one.”


Fair winds are coming guys.  I hope you’re ready for a little sailing.

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