It’s been a Lovely Spring

OK, the move back to Shilshole has been great, and the goal of getting out sailing more….accomplished. We’ve done weekdays in Poulsbo, weekend in Gig Harbor and Tacoma, and generally we’ve just been at the boat more….which was the goal.  So, happy Dan, happy Karin.


It’s also been fun being a member of the Corinthian Yacht Club.  There are Friday dinners, interesting people, contacts that are helpful in Sea Scouting.  So it’s been fun.  If anyone wants to come find out what it’s like…you’re invited. This past weekend David Huntsman and I had the opportunity to play a little, by moving a J24 donated to the Boy Scouts to her new home on Lake Union.  Once through the locks, we put the sails up and made her dance.   It was a blast, and the Sea Scouts will have fun with the boat.

Moving a Scout BoatWP_20140601_001

So, nothing major. No crisis. Just a lovely spring Fair winds. sig

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