SnoMG! Seattle

Those of you out of the area probably know what wimps we are here in Seattle when it comes to snow.  Well, that’s just a reason for Mother Nature to whack us up the side of the head.

This is why Seattle freaks out when it snows.

And the Commute last night….not good.  I have a friend at Microsoft who left at 5pm and got home in Maple Valley at 10:30pm.

This is when it pays off for Karin to have a home office….but again….she has to deal with animals who don’t want to go outside to go to the bathroom.

SnoMG! Seattle 022IMAG0007

Except for Minnie of course, she wants to go outside….but not to do her business.  She wants to play fetch.  Here’s the deal….you throw it….and I’ll go get it…..really really fast. Then we’ll do it again, see.  And then again.  No, I’m not tired. Throw it again.  Come on….throw it!

So, we’ll take a break from work to play in the snow.  Pretty now…but not when you need to drive in it.

SnoMG! Seattle 043SnoMG! Seattle 045

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