Thanksgiving Pre-Func


Sometimes the only way to deal with all the demands of the holidays….is to expand them.

Thanksgiving Prefunc 007

Since Dennis and Terri have lots to do in Oregon at Thanksgiving, and we have to sing at Church, dine with the Sisters, and prep for the Post Thanks Greek Fest on Thanksgiving proper, it only made sense to move the holiday to the weekend before.  So on Saturday the 20th Dennis and Teri, Peggy, and Christian joined us for an olde (added the final “e” to be really traditional) Thanksgiving Dinner.

Decorations?  Check?  (What did you all expect from me?)

Thanksgiving Prefunc 011Thanksgiving Prefunc 003

Menu?  Turkey of course.

We brined this baby over night. Actually Karin brined it. For some reason I was absolutely exhausted on Friday night, and had to crawl into bed early.  But when I got up Saturday morning there was a nice note on my computer (how did she know I’d see it there?) saying, “Dan, first thing in the morning, get the bird out of the brine, rinse it off, and put it in the refrigerator.”   Almost like a love note. I’m sure she meant it as a love note.  As in, “…she’d love me to do this.”

Then a pleasant Saturday morning prepping, chopping, trussing up the bird, and generally getting everything set.

In addition to green beans, garden salad, and a kale salad that was our best impression of the kale salad we had at Northern Spy Food Company on the lower East Side of Manhattan (Thanks Jamie) last month, we decided to get fancy on the starch.  We pulled a gratin recipe out and started layering potatoes.   Mmm, the taste was right. Nice carmelized onions. But I think the sauce was too thin.  I need to reduce more…and I also think we should not use the convection microwave on this kind of dish.  It cooked fine, but I think I would have gotten a more crispy top in the standard oven. Live and learn. 

Thanksgiving Prefunc 004Thanksgiving Prefunc 006

It tasted wonderful, and was boffo Sunday morning when Mom and BD came down for brunch….and they even brought Karin’s baby….Grace the wonder dog.  The worlds most beautiful and friendly Bernese Mountain dog.  

Prefunc 2 004Prefunc 2 042

She even helps me do the dishes.

Prefunc 2 033

In any case, the holidays are off to a boffo start.

A blessing on all your heads from our kitchen.  

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