Conni and Stew Get Ready to Sail…

So it’s been a fun summer/fall with Conni and Stew in town, living on the Alexis, a 92-foot yacht at Shilshole where they work as Steward and Chef. Their contract was to be up now, but the owner isn’t letting them go. Smart man.  They had planned to settle in Seattle, but now they will sail with their ship to California for the winter. Not to worry. They still plan on making Seattle home and will be back with the boat in the spring. As Conni says, “…careers can wait, let’s have some fun.”

Shilshole October Evening

That just means excuses for parties. We had a Bon Voyage party at our house last weekend, which was a hoot.  But they had us over to the boat one last time last night for dinner. Conni’s mom, Lynette, is in town for a few days from Houston. And it was a pure pleasure to meet her. Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 007

The owner of the Alexis is nice enough to let them have guests when he’s not aboard and we’ve had some lovely nights this summer, sitting high on the upper deck looking out over the breakwater at the Olympic sunsets and sitting in the Salon when the evening chill comes on. We’ve gotten to know Stew and Connie better, their friends, Christian and some of the friends he’s introduced them to.  It has been wonderful.

Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 014Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 020

And the best part of any visit to Alexis, is the chef.

Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 006

Stew is amazing in the galley, as you would expect from a CIA Grad. After cocktails by our Steward, dinner was fresh scallops on noodles, hand rolled rice, and some white fish that Stew had cooked and nestled on a bed of spinach.  My simple description does not in any way do these dishes justice, of course. They were light but very flavorful. The spices were complex, but balanced, and never overwhelmed the ingredients in the dishes. Each dish was a complement to the other. I try to control myself, but had seconds….of everything.

Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 021Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 022

Amanda Darby joined us for another cocktail. Then Christian begged off for the rest of the evening, saying something about going home to bake Apple Cookies for a contest at work. Normally we’d never let him off so easy. But we know the cookies of which he speaks, and know that they will ensure that he wins whatever bake-off these woodworking artisans are having today, so we let him bow out.

For the rest of us, it was time to Rockaroake at the Crocodile! Nice idea Conni,


Karoake, only you get a live band to back you up.  Now that really is cool. And these guys are pretty good.  My only issue is that their catalogue, has you might expect, runs a little more modern.  I didn’t know most of the stuff these folks were choosing to cover.

Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 029Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 041Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 042Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 044

Still, it was fun to watch.  Our niece Lara and Karin’s sister Judy met us there…and once ushered in to our reserved seats we got to listen and rock out with the Belltown regulars. Amanda and Conni were the gutsy ones who got up to belt out a duet.

Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 047Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 048Stew and Conni farewell roackaraoke 049

I would love to say I was right after them, but not this time.  I think I need more practice, and more beers, before I’ll be able to get up there.  But I’m thinking we’re going to have to do this again.

Maybe when Stew and Conni get back in the spring!

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