Christian on the mend

Most of you heard that Christian had a little accident at work, but I wanted all to know that he’s home recovering after a night in the hospital.  Basically, he and co-workers had a load of MDF, manufactured plywood, on a table with wheels and were moving it into the shop and the table collapsed under the weight of all the boards. That fell on Christian’s lower legs.  Guys pulled off the boards, and Christian had a gash on his right knee, and a sore left ankle.  

The sore ankle is from a very small hairline fracture at the bottom of the fubula, not a big deal but means he has an aircast….think big plastic boot…that he has to wear for a few weeks.  The bone is non-weight bearing, so he can walk on it.   The gash on his right knee was pretty deep, and that’s why they did an operation to irrigate the knee completely, flush it out, make sure everything in there is ok.  It appears to be fine.  So he has soft leg brace on that leg for 4 days, and then is supposed to dump the brace and start bending that knee normally and get it back into action.  They are also fine with him walking on that leg.  So despite the scare, prognosis is good.

We got him home, set him up with his computer so he could communicate, and he promptly fell asleep.  And since a father’s job is to get the embarrassing photos…….   😉


Everyone be careful at work!



Hey, next day.  He’s feeling better…but still mending.   At least we have time for pics for posterity.

Recovery 002
Recovery 003


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