Easter Vigil

Well, another Easter another family member joins the Catholic church. Hey, it’s becoming a thing!

This year Karin and I went to Eugene, OR where Karin’s sister Judy was being Baptized and welcomed into the church.

First of course, one needs breakfast that will see you through the big day. I think that apron becomes me.

easter 053 easter 054











But I think Judy’s not so sure. easter 055


Still a little cold at night, but that’s why we start with a nice fire outside the church and the lighting of the Easter candle for the new year.

Easter 032 Easter 033 Easter Starts

Father Daniel as in fine form as he presided, and when they couldn’t get the new candle to stay perfectly straight up in the stand….his only comment was….”Thy will be done.”  And off we went into the long, but very moving Easter Vigil Mass.  The University of Oregon Newman Center was packed, as they were doing 10 Baptisms! Wow. That is a huge number for one parish at one Easter….and they even had one guy who was baptized, then they handed him his 6 month old daughter and the Priest baptized her too.  It was very touching.

Now at some churches they baptize in a gentle and small way.  The U of O Newman center is not that church.  When it was time to get baptized, each person had to step in to this small grotto-ish pool that was up next to the alter, and kneel down in the water….looked to be about 6 inches deep.  Then Father Daniel dipped a silver pitcher into the water….and mind you this was not a small pitcher.   Then he proceeded to anoint the Catechumen with the entire pitcher of Holy water. One pitcher for The Father, one pitcher for The Son, and a final pitcher for The Holy Spirit.   Or as he said it, “The Hoooooooooooooly Speeerit”.  Dragging that Holy part out so he could make sure it was a good looooooooong pour.  

easter baptized well. easter she's catholic now

Nice.  Well and truly baptized. No mistaking that.  

Oh, and when they did the little baby, and he dipped down to fill the pitcher full again, the entire congregation did an audible “gasp”.  Thinking as one, “Oh, he’s not really going to dump that entire thing on that poor baby.”  Father proceeded to do the normal three small splashes.  And then he turned toward the congregation and gave that look that wordlessly said, “Come on people. Did you really think I’m so crazy as to dump half a gallon of water on a 6 month old, pleeeeze.”   It was a priceless look.

Then is was off to the late night party downstairs in the Newman Center.

Easter 039 Easter 040 Easter 043

What a wonderful Easter.

Now on to Spring!!!

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