Haul out day for s/v Marie

So we had a lot to do this weekend, including annual haul out for our sailboat. But who wants to work all day, and this weekend is the Seattle Dog Show, the Bicycle show.  What’s a guy to do?  Answer, of course, all of it.

Before we went to the marina to haul the boat we decided to take in a little dog love. The Seattle Kennel Club’s annual Dog Show is this weekend and lucky for us, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are judged at 8am.  We thought, how great. Dogs, and then the chores.  But before the dogs….baked goods.

For those of you in the Seattle area, you are missing out a great deal of why God created Wheat, Sugar, and smart bakers.  Bakery Nouveaux in West Seattle is so good it’s hard to describe.

Busy Haulout Day 026Busy Haulout Day 018  Busy Haulout Day 019

Busy Haulout Day 022Busy Haulout Day 023

Let’s just say, if you come visit, we’ll visit. Jamie, tell them how good we’re talking here.

After after that….still no boat….but we did have dogs.

Busy Haulout Day 027 Karin loves her some Berners.

It was great to see so many different dogs in one place at one time.  If you were trying to decide which dog was perfect for you, this is where you should come to see all the different options at one time.

Busy Haulout Day 053 Stitch

It was interesting to watch as they judges the different categories.  Then combined them all into the Grande Bernese Mountain Dog show off. Karin’s only comment was, “You know, if I didn’t already have one….I’d get one today. Oh, and I’m going to see Gracie tomorrow.” 

Finally we headed to the Marina, and Karin and Minnie waited patiently for Dan to get everything ready to head over to the boat yard for the haul out.

Busy Haulout Day 057 Busy Haulout Day 061

Finally, Dan decided it was time….but did we just sail to the other end of the marina in a straight line. Now we decided to play around a bit, going outside the breakwater to look at the sailboat race, the sealions on the bouys.

Minnie took her normal position to bark at the waves.

Busy Haulout Day 069

We had to hold her from the handle on the back of her LifeVest to finally get the money shot of the dog

Busy Haulout Day 065

And Dan just hummed a sea chanty on the sunny cold day……very happy, very in the element

Busy Haulout Day 066 Busy Haulout Day 067

And in the end it was an uneventful haul out. s/v Marie is in great shape, and only needs a few touch up splashes of paint on the bottom, new zincs, and a new valve for the head….and we’re set up for a season of sailing and hosting everyone for overnights, long weekends, and other adventures. So do come.

Busy Haulout Day 070

1 thought on “Haul out day for s/v Marie

  1. Great post. Love the pics and the description of Seattle bakers. I will have to check out Nouveaux in W. Seattle. Looks promising. Finally — the s/v Marie looks perfect for Seattle. Big enough to have fun on the Sound yet small enough to not be unwieldy.- Jeff

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