Thanksgiving 2009….the quickening

OK team, It’s time to get fully committed to the holidays. I’m not talking about waking up late on Thanksgiving, watching the Detroit Lions lose to whomever, and then a little turkey.  I’m talking real commitment to having a heck of a good time

Christian hosts Whirley Ball

Ok….um…I’m thinking that it might be possible to have a little too much commitment.  I know, hard to believe that I would say such a thing.

Actually, I applaud Christian and his zeal.

Last weekend he organized a Whirly Ball Tournament for his friends. And they made it a Toga Whirly Ball tournament. Nice!

You all remember Whirly Ball I hope….for those who don’t remember Christmas 2006…and I don’t see how that’s possible….Whirley Ball is kind of like basketball…only with a whiffle ball and in bumper cars.  But I digress

beckys pics 063

So Christian organized this event…and the timing couldn’t be better. Erik Valadeo was in town for a Marine Trade show, and after Karin and I beered him at Brouwers (a must visit in Seattle for any beer lovers) we dropped him off at the big Whirly Ball parlor in Edmonds. Amanda Darby and Sydney Thomas where there to help ease Erik in to the fun.

I’m thinking they had fun. Christian’s Facebook status at the moment claims that, “he ruled” but who knows if you can believe anything said by a guy who uses his “Goosebumps” sheet to make a toga.  I’m just saying…..


So anyway, Thanksgiving holiday is underway. We all go going early last Sunday by having a pre-funk Turkey and pumpkin pie with Peggy.  She’s looking healthy and happy, recovered from my father’s passing pretty well.  She says work is chugging along, and she’s just trying to keep the cats happy and her little house in Enumclaw well tended.  What more can you ask. 

Thanksgiving begins 030  Thanksgiving begins 033   Thanksgiving begins 032 Thanksgiving begins 031

Mmm, I’m feeling like Henry VIII, more mutton.

Thanksgiving begins 027

In any case, the holiday is off to a rousing start. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We can’t wait to see many of you in Idaho for Christmas.

1 thought on “Thanksgiving 2009….the quickening

  1. Christmas looks to be big!!! I count around 50 so far…. Can’t wait!!! Love, R.

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