Long time no post

Hey, it’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog.   Now I know that no one is really reading it…but it’s the posterity that suffers.  We can’t have that.


Jen Visits with her man 021It’s a great weekend for us here in MLT as Jen Izzaguara, Ashley’s buddy from college is in town with her Turkish Fiance.  Nice combo. A girl from Honduras and a boy from Turkey.  I’m liking the possiblities for food pairings. They are both Sous Chef’s at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

He’s very nice, and we think the are a cute couple.

And, of course, having to chef in your kitchen has it’s rewards. I love my Birthday Brunch

Jen Visits with her man 038

We’re just trying to get ready for the big Thanksgiving Post-Func Party the day after Thanksgiving.  The theme this year is “Mexican Food” We’re getting hungry already.

It would appear that Dennis and Teri won’t make it….again. But they a good reason. Brady is making the most of his last year in High School…and the football team is rolling again.


Loggers Roll Past Royals, 35-18
Football – Football News 
Knappa set to defend 2A title after impressive win

Despite having three touchdowns called back on penalties, #1 Knappa showed why the defending 2A champs remain the team to beat in 2009 following a convincing 35-18 win at #8 Portland Christian Friday night. Junior Bryan Sablan rushed for 241 yards on 22 carries and three TD’s to lead a relentless Logger ground attack that amassed more than 400 yards on the ground in the final three quarters.

Here’s Brady on the ground pushing some dude out of bounds.  Go Loggers.  We’ll be heading to Oregon the week after Thanksgiving if they make it to the championship game again.   It would be great to win two state titles in a row.


OK, enough for now.

Love to you all, and get your Hawiaiin shrts ready for Christmas in Idaho

Jen Visits with her man 014

1 thought on “Long time no post

  1. Mmmm, two chefs! Must have been wonderful!

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