Fathers Day

Father’s Day kind of sneaks up on you. Some years you don’t even know it’s coming until the priest makes all fathers remain standing at the end of mass for a special blessing.  Then you remember, oh right. Fathers Day.

First, hail to all fathers on this day. It’s a hard job, and we don’t get all the training we need before they give us the keys to a brand spanking new baby boy or girl. But we muddle through as best we can.

Sometimes it works out.  Christian agreed to meet us for dinner at El Gaucho in Seattle. http://www.elgaucho.com/elgaucho/  No for those not in the area, El Gaucho is a throw back of a restaurant. The atmosphere is decidedly NY Steakhouse from the 1940’s or 50’s. The wait staff has coats and bow ties, and the service is formal table side. Here’s a hint, order something flaming.  They bring fire to you table.

IMG_4890 flambe IMG_4882 IMG_4886

The great think about dinner tonight was that Christian brought Molly, his girlfriend of a few months. They met playing on a kickball team, have progressed to softball, and dating each other.  And so far, all seems fine.  She’s lovely, likes our boy, and is smart.  She’s entering the UW Master/Doctoral program in Educational Psychology this fall, and will end up with many papers published and many initials after her name.

We approve.



I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he finally gets the nerve to bring her to family events to introduce her to all of you.  That is, as we all know, the acid test of a relationship.



1 thought on “Fathers Day

  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, and of course we can’t wait to meet Molly!!

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