To find a Sturgeon

Some of us are fishermen….and some of us are catchermen.  That’s what we learned this weekend on the Columbia River near Astoria.


Rebecca and Jeff brought Russ and Henry over to see Dennis and Teri. Jeff and Russ love this June trip. They get to see Ethel and Louie, and they get to go out on the Columbia for long days of fishing…and contemplating their navels while they wait for something to happen to them or one of their boat mates.


So they had all done some fishing with Ethel and Louie, and on Friday night Karin and I showed up.  Would we want to fish? You bet.  Even if it means getting up really, really, early? Still you bet.  We’re all about trying something new.  We had never been boat fishing for sturgeon, and thought, why not?  Even with a little rain threatening, it was a pretty calm day on the river.

IMG_2300But we knew Karin would get to the point where she’d need a bathroom break.  So we fished from 6am to about 11am, and planned to swap out Karin and Dan for Louie about that time.

Early fishing was not to really all that good.  The boat had a few early catches, but nothing big enough to keep.  I did manage to  give the boat a laugh when my line tangled on a cast, and the momentum of the cast, with the lead weight on the end of the link, ended up yanking my pole right overboard. Good thing Russ was quick to lasso the rod or it could have been an expensive lesson in poll management.  As we were pulling up to go in to get Louie, I realized I had something, a tiny sculpin. About 5 inches long. This is junk fish, and you just kill it.  IMG_2322

After Karin and I left, the luck turned around and the guys (Jeff, Henry, Russ, Wesley (Russ’ son in law), Louie and Joe the guide) had much better luck…landing 3 keeper sturgeon. Wesley even had one so big he had to release it.

After the fun on the river, we took the fish, and a whole lot of other food to Jen and Chris’ new place in Garibaldi.  Very nice home for the new XO of the Astoria based Coast Guard cutter.  Tasty, Tasty, Tasty.

And yet another fishing run is done.  But it’s already on the books again for next summer, June 24-26. Mark your calendars.  Hey, maybe this is going to become the “New” Galena after we wrap the original this summer.



1 thought on “To find a Sturgeon

  1. As a Pole, I’m wondering if you mean poll (as in Iran) or pole (as in rod). Synomynal spelling there, Dan!

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