Alex, are you really 21

Alex Sweeza is 21 001Hard as it might be to believe, Alex Sweeza is now 21 years old. Little Alex, who used to just be Christian’s buddy Brandon’s little sister, is now a full fledged member of “The Adults”.  She decided to prove that the weekend of January 10th by stepping out and partying in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. That’s where all of Seattle’s uber-hip and chic kids go to live and play. If you had the tight jean franchise here, you would not be experiencing any “economic difficulties.”




But what’s the fun of going if there’s no one to witness it.  So Alex dragged along big bro Brandon  and his wife Shealla, Shealla’s sister and friend, Mom Donna, Dad Keith (someone had to pay the bills), and Karin and I as well. We started the night at the Frontier Room down on First Ave, right in the middle of all the trendy hubbub that is Belltown.  And Christian even showed up later at the night club where they all went dancing at Twilight.




Alex Sweeza is 21 006  Alex Sweeza is 21 009

Alex Sweeza is 21 004

Now having already proved that she can drink, and feel the effects of it (Sarah Ashmead will remember that party), Alex started out slow…doing Cosmo’s with Karin.  But then her Dad decided the time had come for her to learn…and they went off to the bar to do tequila shots together.  I don’t know what the theory is there…”the family that drinks together…?” 


but when she came back with something called a “surfer on acid.” It tasted kind of like Jägermeister and soda (bleech!) I knew it was time for me to hang up my drinking spurs.  There’s a new potential Sheriff in down ladies and gentlemen…and she’s willing to drink just about anything. But she was also eating lots of carbs and drinking water between drinks…so that’s good.

In truth, a good time was had by all, and there was no excessive consumption.  That’s what we like to see. Kids who grow up and learn…it’s not about drinking to excess. It’s about drinking something good, in a way that makes you feel good, dance well, and does NOT leave you with a screaming hangover the next day.  That would ruin the effect.





Alex, we love the young lady you’ve become. And we look forward to your next adventure. Thanks for sharing with us.

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