Karin learns to Shop Victoriously


Karin Shops VictoriouslyWell, the Ebay marketing team should be proud of themselves.  They have managed to find Karin’s sweet spot. She’s always been a fan of online shopping; Amazon, Zappos, shoes.com, etc.  She valued the convenience, the liberal return policies, etc.  But in the last few weeks Karin has learned to embrace her inner Ebayer. 

She has her own PayPal account, is trolling eBay for deals on her favorite products (mostly antique silver stuff that’s very art deco).  And you can tell she’s getting bad because now all she does at dinner is crow about all the great stuff she’s winning (…can you beleive it. This is selling for $175 on some antique sites, and I got it for only $22) in her crafty bidding.

Of course, there is the downside.  Now when we go out for coffee she says things such as, “…ok, I’ll go. But I have to be at a computer at 2:25pm. I have an auction closing and I’m NOT going to get aced out at the last minute again!”   You think I’m exagerating don’t you.  Well you see the smile on her face here. This is Karin on Monday January 12th carrying up 5 of the 8(!) boxes she got today from USPS, FedEX and UPS.

As I said, Ebay folks know what’s going on here. Lets go to the video…

Next week…12 little steps.   “Hi, my name is Karin…and I have a problem…”

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