What is Jamie up to there at the cheese store?

  So there was a story today on MSNBC about cheese…(see below)….and it got me to thinking.  Just what is Jamie doing there at Murray’s Cheese on Bleecker street in NYC?  We thought it was just Jamie finding her way. But there may be something more sinister. Sure she looks like a nice friendly cheese-monger.Continue reading “What is Jamie up to there at the cheese store?”

Alex, are you really 21

Hard as it might be to believe, Alex Sweeza is now 21 years old. Little Alex, who used to just be Christian’s buddy Brandon’s little sister, is now a full fledged member of “The Adults”.  She decided to prove that the weekend of January 10th by stepping out and partying in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. That’sContinue reading “Alex, are you really 21”

Karin learns to Shop Victoriously

  Well, the Ebay marketing team should be proud of themselves.  They have managed to find Karin’s sweet spot. She’s always been a fan of online shopping; Amazon, Zappos, shoes.com, etc.  She valued the convenience, the liberal return policies, etc.  But in the last few weeks Karin has learned to embrace her inner Ebayer.  SheContinue reading “Karin learns to Shop Victoriously”

Erik fights for the right to date Lara

  From: Rebecca Ashmead [mailto:rebannash@hotmail.com] Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 9:30 PMTo: Daniel Leach; Suzy Work Ross; Judy Koler; Tom RossCc: LARA KOLER; Teri – Danger Den; Karin Leach; DENNIS LEACH; Erik Hurley; sarah.ashmead@gmail.com; Ryan Winger; Emily Carol Ann FischerSubject: RE: Paperwork Has anyone seen the keys to the chastity belts????  Did we forget toContinue reading “Erik fights for the right to date Lara”