Christian is getting very handy

All parents love the gifts children make for you. It’s part of our make up. No matter how lopsided the clay bowl from art class, or odd looking the dog is in the drawing, we love the crafts out children make with their own hands.  (I still have the oddly shaped “spork” my son whittled at boy scout camp to pass a merit badge).  As we accept these gifts, and treasure them. we also wonder if they’ll one day be really good at this. We’d never say this to them. But we wonder if they will ever be the kind of good people who aren’t their parents would pay for.

The answer, of course, is yes they do become very competent people.  I told my son I didn’t have a good bread board for kneading the dough. You know, the solid maple kind with the downturned front edge that holds the edge of the counter when you push to knead the bread.  So he went back to his shop and came back with this.

Christmas 2008 003 Christmas 2008 002

It’s perfect in size, shape, and finish. If there are any other bakers out there who need one of these, if you ask really nice, Christian might make you one. And you should look up on the internet to find the best bread kneading board there is…and pay him that much. Because his will be at least that good, and probably a whole lot better.

He’s just getting so darn useful to have around. And handsome too, but I may be bias on that


Merry Christmas to all.


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