Excitement in the Emerald City

Well, this Friday is a day that has us all on pins and needles. 


Oh, the humanity! Stormwatch 2008! Lay in your winter stores and supplies.  Run to Les Schwalb to get studded snow tires installed on your 4v4. Go buy a new 4×4 if you don’t have one. Your life, and the lives of all you hold near and dear, are at risk in what could be the most dangerous and deadly winter storm on record.   Hmm, lets see. It’s December. So it’s raining. There’s a blast of cold air coming from Canada. So the rain could turn into snow. But as I mentioned, it’s December. So getting a blast of cold air is kind of normal. And getting some snow also happens here sometimes. It never ceases to amaze me that we go through this every time it might, and I emphasize “Might", snow in Seattle.

But that’s not why we’re on pins and needles. No, the excitement around these parts has more to do with the fact that my nephew Jared Ashmead and is wife Lynn are about to bring a baby into this world. They moved to the Seattle area last summer, so we get to be the nearest family. Sure their mothers will visit from Idaho. But they will go home, and Karin and I have full plans to move in and assume all rights and responsibilities as Grandparents-in-training. We may be UnkaDan and AnnyKarin…but we reserve the right to be Noah’s favorite relatives. And we aren’t above buying this position with massive spoiling. 

So stay tuned.

Oh, and one other thing for those of you who are into sailing.  The boat is now in Seattle, and we still go out in the winter…so long as the days aren’t too gross.  So if someone needs a fix of boating…just let me know.  

I put Christmas lights on the boat, and she’s looking all festive, especially at night.  Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, God Jul, and Merry Christmas to all. Boat at Christmas 072

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