Karin and Dan tie the knot….again


Friday the 28th dawned gray and rainy in Seattle. But the hearts were warm at Blessed Sacrament Parish where after 29 years of wedded bliss, Dan and Karin Leach decided to make their union formal in the Catholic Church.  It’s called a convalidation, since the church recognizes their civil marriage in 1979,  but if you were there it felt for all the world like a wedding.

KarinDan Wedding 041

In keeping with this new moderne’ era, both the bride AND groom were radiant. And there’s a real debate over whose dress was better. Our son Christian served as Best Man and our niece Lara Koler stood up for Karin and Maid of Honor. There was a friendly crowd of family and friends, and Father Daniel conceded that since many of them have known the couple longer than he had they would have to testify that the couple indeed still do love each other and should be allowed to be married.    …….

…..Hearing no objections. He was off on a full mass to celebrate the nuptials.


And as many there noted, father was in full voice and full of things to say about marriage, and about how he was sure that Dan and Karin loved each other in all 4 ways mentioned in the bible…though he was very clear in that he didn’t want to hear any details. “Oh, and another thing….”    Yes, Father Daniel does have a rather rambling style once he gets going.  And he was going on Friday, on and on.  But he’s also a pretty amazing theologian and biblical historian. So when he “gets going” he’s pretty interesting to listen to.  Combine that with a pretty wry wit, and you have a pretty interesting homily. Some people came up to me after saying, “You know I’m not Catholic, but if I were I think I’d want to come here to listen to this guy some more.”  That’s why we like Blessed Sacrament.

There were only two little issues with the service. First, the hundred year old steam radiators started knocking right in the middle of the homily.  The wedding coordinator had to head quickly to the boiler to shut off the steam.  The second was when Father forgot to bless the rings with holy water. But he quickly grabbed the sprinkler from the bucket…and made up for it…all over Christian’s hand. That was a lot of holy water.  His hand will be blessed…for a long time.


That’s the reason for all the laughing in this shot.

Afterwards it was off to the house in Terrace for a party.  Yes, it was our normal day after thanksgiving party. But this year we had a much more legit reason for our merry making.  Thanks to all who helped us get ready for the wedding. To Jared Ashmead for doing the readings. And to Shirley Runkel and Bob Kleinschmidt for making soup and stew for the party.  It made it much easier for us to get from the wedding to the party!IMG_0986

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