Lara defends the nation

We’re all so proud of our niece Lara and all the work, and awards and promotions, she has done with the Air Force. Wonder what she’s doing to keep us all safe?   Thanks to the Tacoma News Tribune for noticing the work of her unit. McChord unit keeps eye on the sky Air defense mission expands amid personnel cutsSCOTT FONTAINE; Published: December 24th, 2008 … Continue reading Lara defends the nation

Blizzard in Ballard

One thing about living in Ballard is that when it’s nasty weather everywhere else in the Puget Sound we usually are spared. We’re tucked behind the Magnolia bluffs at just about the lowest elevation in Seattle.  So, blow you winds on the Cascade front, rain and snow in the convergence zone. We’re usually fine.   But this morning, we’re hammered along with the rest of the … Continue reading Blizzard in Ballard

Brady Leach and the Knappa Loggers roll to Oregon State Highschool 2A Championship

Well, the headline in the Portland Oregonian says it all… What a game it was! Everyone in Oregon High School Football figured that the defending champs, Culver, with their superstar senior quarterback (who wears gold shoes….what was that about pride going before something…) was going to roll over the poor little loggers from out on the coast. But, well, err, that’s why we play the … Continue reading Brady Leach and the Knappa Loggers roll to Oregon State Highschool 2A Championship

Karin and Dan tie the knot….again

  Friday the 28th dawned gray and rainy in Seattle. But the hearts were warm at Blessed Sacrament Parish where after 29 years of wedded bliss, Dan and Karin Leach decided to make their union formal in the Catholic Church.  It’s called a convalidation, since the church recognizes their civil marriage in 1979,  but if you were there it felt for all the world like … Continue reading Karin and Dan tie the knot….again