Birthday Gift

OK, many of you know it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I keep getting asked how it was. Fine. Very nice small family dinner at the house in Mountlake Terrace with Karin, Christian, Jared, Lynn, Mom and BD.  All very lovely and low key.  And Karin, love that she is, made me my favorite lemon cake, But I wanted to show you all the coolest gift from my son.Chess Board 001

 Chess Board 002Yes. That is a chess board.  But more than that it’s a chess board that was hand made for me by my son, Christian.  He made it at work at Seattle Stair, and it’s beautiful.  I couldn’t buy anything nicer.  It’s about 16” by 16”, perfect size, and it’s made of black walnut and maple. Two very hard and beautiful woods. He finished it with stain and then multiple coats of butcher wax (think what they put on a bowling alley), and it just glows.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank him for the wonderful gift. It’s made all the better in that it came from his own hand and I will always cherish it.  Christian is well on his way to becoming as good a woodworker as his is a painter.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and Karin and I will be having our convalidation ceremony at the Church. So look for pictures and a summary of all that action.   Love to all.

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