Fall 2008

OK, it’s fall, and it has been some time since we’ve updated everyone.  Not that we don’t want to. It’s just not the first reaction we have.  But here’s the summer and into fall.

Karin and I had a lovely last few days saying goodbye to Aunt Roselee in Idaho before she passed away. It was hard to see her long fight with cancer come to and end, but it was also beautiful to see so many members of the family come to Idaho to be with her. It was hard for her to hear, but you could see that she loved having the house full of family who were laughing, hugging and remembering all the times on the family farm.  It was warm, wonderful, sad, and uplifting. She knew we all loved her, and hoped to be together as a family again…some day.

At the end of July it was back to Seattle for a few hasty preparations, and then shoving off in the boat to head to Canada.  I took the boat up to Anacortes alone, and then Jim and David joined me for the sail North to Vancouver. Frankly, this part was more of a cruise.  There was no wind.  But the new engine proved it’s worth…humming along flawlessly to get us to Vancouver BC for the big fireworks festival.September 2008 008






After that, Karin, her sister Suzy and Suzy’s husband Tom joined me for the sail across the Straight of Georgia and into the Gulf Islands.  We played around there for a while, then sailed South to the San Juan Islands. 

September 2008 028

Why is US Customers always so hard when Canadian Customs is always so easy?  Yes, it’s a semi-rhetorical question.  In any case, we did some sailing, fishing, and crabbing as we continued through the San Juan Islands.

It wouldn’t be a trip if I didn’t have some mechanical issue.  This year I started losing my coupler/shaft connection.  So we finally had to limp home in late August. But still…any day, week, month on the boat is still a good one.

Coming back a little early allowed Karin and I to execute on our plan to become dazzling young urbanites. We packed up a few things and moved into a condo in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

Canal Station 001  My son and nephew are renting the house from us, and that allows us to cover the condo.  All in all, it’s a wash financially. Well, not if you count the new furniture I suppose.  Hey, that mission style stuff at the house won’t fit in a 1 bedroom + den condo.   Still, the coolest thing is that the condo is right in the heart of Ballard, in walking distance from everything.  And I’m moving the boat to a berth at the North end of Lake Union in Seattle, and it’s a 12 minute bicycle ride from the condo.  So far, I’m liking it.  But Karin is missing the dogs and her garden.  So we’ll just have to say this is an experiment in progress.


Now it’s September, and I’m beginning the job hunt.  We’ll see what interesting new challenges are out there.  Who knows how long it will take to find just the right fit.

Later team

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  1. Love the blog Dan.  Oh wait, I’m commenting on my own Blog.

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