A little jaunt to the South….end of Bainbridge Island


OK, Karin was out of town last week and that means there’s nothing to keep me at the dock.  So I decided to head the Marie south for a few days of gunkholing around Bainbridge Island.  As is required when I go sailing….the wind was coming from the direction I wanted to go.  So that means a slow beat to windward all Friday long. 

Now that’s normally a lot of work, with the boat healed over. But since the wind wasn’t all that strong, I didn’t have to pay such close attention to sail angles, or looking out for logs floating in the water.  When you’re only going about 3 knots, you can’t get in trouble very fast.  So I let "Otto" the autopilot have that wheel, and I read books. You get into a habit of looking up every 5 minutes or so, to make sure you are still on course, that nothing is in your way, and that no freighters are steaming down on you at 25 knots. That’s not much of a problem as long as you stay out of the VTS lanes. (Vessel Traffic Service running North/South in the middle of Puget Sound. Think I-5 for big boats)

I tucked into Blakely Harbor at the South end of Bainbridge Island, dropped anchor far enough out to account for the tides, and resumed my reading.

.Sailing to Bainbridge 004

Yes, the sweater is an indication that it’s still "Juneuary" here in the Puget Sound.  But it got better over the course of the weekend.

The great thing about this little anchorage is that it’s quiet, and has a nice mud bottom for good anchor sets.  And you get to watch the twinkling lights of downtown Seattle at night. I’ve seen pictures of this harbor from 100 years ago, and it was jammed with really big boats, as there was a big timber operation here.


It’s wild to think about all those boats jammed in here.  Now it’s all fancy homes on the shore, and a few boats anchored in here on summer nights.

Looks more like this:

Sailing to Bainbridge 001


After a nice Friday night, a bald eagle swooped by ten away while I was reading my book, I pulled up the anchor and sailed around the South end of the Island and went up North for a night anchored off Poulsbo.  After that, I knew Karin was coming home from her trip…so I also started back.   I love timing my arrival when she gets back from business trips.  Homecoming is always sweet.

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