Leaving Coupeville in our wake

It’s been a high and dry spring for us, as the s/v Marie was out of action with a defective diesel engine.  I took her on March 5th, and the folks at Harbor Marine didn’t get the new engine in until two days before Memorial Day, May 22nd. What a wait. But after being a on land for so long, we couldn’t wait to do the proper break in cruising near port.  We just loaded her up, and took off for the Memorial Day weekend.Cruising to Coupeville 099

The good news is, all works fine with the new engine. Very quiet and very reliable so far.  Just a little hard to get past when I need to do work.  But I’m not going to complain. I may have to lose more weight. But I will not complain.

So Karin, Christian, and I sailed North up Saratoga Passage, headed for Coupeville, a little town half way up the back side of Whidbey Island. It’s a fun get a way, but car or by boat. 

Map image

But I thought it would make a good holiday weekend stopover.  I worried that it might be crowded at anchorage off the city’s downtown, but when we sailed in, there were only a handful of boats there.   That’s good to know, as other "cruising" destinations can be a madhouse on holiday weekends. Poulsbo in particular can be a zoo. It has a pretty big downtown, and is just the right distance from Seattle.  But Coupeville is smaller and just doesn’t attract the big crowds…which I like.

Cruising to Coupeville 015 Sitting at anchor Saturday night, we just enjoyed the company, the food we grilled, a bottle of wine, and the amazing sunset.  If you wonder why I like boats and sailing so much, here’s why.

Cruising to Coupeville 052 Cruising to Coupeville 076

And it was a blast to finally have Christian with us on a cruise. He was down in California when we bought the boat, and this was his first overnight trip with us.  He seemed to enjoy it.

So now that this lovely sail is done I’m puttering around on the boat. I’m doing last minute things to make it nicer this summer when I’m out. That means installing a new galley stove, installing new waste baskets, getting the dinghy in ship shape, fitting it with new oars.

I’ll post more this summer when the s/v Marie is out and about in US and Canadian waters

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