Christmas 2007

Karin and I headed to Idaho for Christmas this year. Yes, I know. No one is surprised by that. It’s the Christmas’ we "aren’t" in Idaho that are the unusual ones.  But I digress. We headed to Idaho with one of our dogs; Minnie.  Now. many of you know Minnie, and also know that she hasn’t been very pleased with Karin since she brought home that new Bernese Mountain Dog named Grace last June.  So this was kind of Karin’s way of saying sorry.  Not for bringing Grace home. She loves that crazy big dog.  But sorry that you don’t like it Minnie.  Anyway, Minnie loved being the only dog again, and was very comfortable on the trip


But in Idaho, we all had a blast. Sunday before Christmas we had dog sled racing in Fairfield

Christmas 2007 074

Monday, Christmas eve, before Mass at the tiny St. Anthony’s parish, we got to ride a horse drawn cart to sing carols around town. And yes, they did have bells on

Christmas 2007 080

Christmas 2007 088

Christmas itself was a little quieter than usual. All the kids are growing up and have their own homes. So we aren’t all piled on top of each other at Rebecca’s Farm, and it takes time for everyone to arrive.  But the stockings are still hung, and we still have a fun family theme for them. This year…it was a Redneck Christmas. Everyone got a hunting cap with their redneck name attached.  Boys were Billys or Bobs, and girls were Jo’s or Sue’s.  Shoot…Grandpa Russ even put bullets in all the stockings cause, next to the trailer burning down….rednecks know that the worst thing is to "run out of ammo."

Wednesday was time for snow machines up by Josh’s place North of Fairfield.  Nothing says fun in the snow like blasting along on a snow machine at 90 miles an hour. 🙂  And the scenery was nice, if you like that wintery, mountain, paradise kind of thing.

Snowmachine day

My nephew Jake has a new machine for snow play.  Actually it’s his 4 wheel atv, with tracks slapped on where the wheels normally go. I think if I live in the Mountains I’m going to need one of these.

Christmas 2007 161

Friday Karin and I escaped with Minnie to do some snow shoeing up in the Galena area North of Sun Valley. It was so much fun we did a little more when we got home to Seattle…only this time up by Snoqualmie Pass.  We had retrieved Grace by then…and both dogs had a hoot in the snow.

Walking the dogs 024

All in all, a pretty nice Christmas holiday.  Now it’s on to 2008.  We’ll have some fun for sure this spring, but Karin and I are already thinking a lot about our next adventure….the Grand Tour of the US Cities we want to live in for 6 months.  At least that’s the plan today.  Who knows how that plan will be changed before we get around to next Christmas.

Happy New Year to all.

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